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Throne of Glass Dream Cast

It’s my one year anniversary on WordPress so here is another blog post today. Throne of Glass is one of my favourite series of all time and as I loved doing a dream cast for The Lunar Chronicles I decided to do it for Throne of Glass too. Tell me if you agree with my casting decisions and what other series do you think I should do dream casts for too, I’m thinking The Remnant Chronicles, A Court of Thorns and Roses, The Mortal Instruments or The Infernal Devices. What do you guys think?


Celaena Sardothien / Aelin Ashryver Galathynius –
Amanda Seyfried
I though of Amanda straight away as she has played such a variety of different characters, I think she can pull off an assassin who is a bibliophile with a liking for fashion.

Sam Cortland – 
Brenton Thwaites
I love Sam from The Assassin’s Blade and I think Brenton can pull off his character well as he looks like a guy that would care and do anything for Celaena.

Dorian Havilliard –
Chace Crawford
Chace with this hairstyle and hair colour really reminds me of Dorian, maybe his hair should be a bit more darker but then his smiles and eyes is just so Dorian like.

Chaol Westfall – 
Douglas Booth
Douglas as a captain, there is just nothing else to say…

Nehemia Ytger –
Kat Graham/ Bianca Lawson
Right now I am leaning moere towards Kat as I think she could pull off Nehemia really well, Bianca is my second choice for the role.

Aedion Ashryver – 
Chris Hemsworth
I love Chris Hemsworth because of his role for Thor so I had to cast him as Aedion 🙂

Manon Blackbeak – 
Mary Kate Olsen/ Ashley Benson
Hard pick but I am positive both of these actresses would do well in this role.

Asterin Blackbeak – 
Scarlett Johansson/ Cara Delevingne
I see Asterin as this bad-ass, well more badass and almost arrogant witch and I think both these actresses look like they can kick ass.

Nesryn Faliq – 
Chanel Iman/ Naomi Scott
I actually really like Nesryn as a character and see her as a very kind person so for me both these actresses would do a pretty good job.

Elide Lochan – 
Sarah Hyland
I actually wanted to cast Sarah in my other dream cast but she ended up not making the cut and I thought this role suited her more. Just add some more dark eye contacts and dye or wear a wig that is very dark, almost black and she would make a pretty awesome witch.

Lysandra – 
 Chloe Bridges
Chloe really gives off this exotic feel which I think is very important for Lysandra and I can just image her playing Lysandra really well in Queen of Shadows.

Kaltain Rompier – 
Nina Dobrev
Very ambitious, ruthless and manipulative Kaltain is which I think Nina can definitely pull off, I feel like I have seen her play a similar character before but I can’t remember where exactly…

Rowan Whitethorn – 
Christopher Mason
I found Rowan the most challenging to cast as I wanted to get it perfectly right if that’s even possible so hopefully I made the right choice for this casting.

Evangeline – 
Mackanzie Brooke Smith/ Mackenzie Foy
Both adorable actresses that can play a eleven-year-old girl.

Sorscha – 
Kelsey Chow
I have become obsessed with Kelsea and she and another character would make such a cute couple, I was rooting for them. ;(

Arobyn Hamel – 
Ian Somerhalder
Arobyn is by far one of my favourite villains ever and I wanted someone that could portray him very well and as I love Ian in The Vampire Diaries (I have only seen like 7 episodes) this really convinced me he could play the part well.

King of Adarlan – 
Billy Campbell
At first I saw the king as a very round but friendly when he wants to be man but then I saw Billy Campbells face and I knew he was the perfect casting option.

Georgina Havilliard – 
Katie Holmes
What more can I say? I think she looks exactly like what I pictured Georgina to look like.

Elena Galathynius – 
Dianna Agron
Yes! Hehe

Nox Owen
– Dylan O’Brien
I love Dylan and I just want him to join the cast and be one of the good guys.

Cain – 
Jai Courtney
All I can say is that his role in Divergent convinced me he can play the evil/ bad character so there we go.

Archer Finn – 
Drew Van Acker
He looks like he could be a male prostitute and a rebel.

Ansel of Briarcliff – 
Jane Levy
Imagine this girl in fighting gear/ armor, just perfect.

Blackbeak Matron – 
Michelle Fairley/ Joan Allen
I actually thought these actresses were the same person just with different hair colours or maybe at least sisters and I really wouldn’t mind if one of them played Blackbeak, for Michelle it would almost be a role of Lady Stoneheart that she should have played in Game of Thrones.

Duke Perrington – 
William Shatner
I don’t like this guy (the character I mean) one bit and I just picture William with ginger hair and a sandy mustache tackling Caelena down to the ground.

Queen Maeve – 
Katie McGrath
Just give her violet eye contacts and voila!

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog posts as I really love sharing these dream casts with you. Tell me what you think of my choices in the comments and until next time 😀


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