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Six of Crows Dream Cast

Yes, Natalia is back with her dream casts and as I have completed Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo the sequel to Six of Crows earlier this month and as I love the cast of characters so much and thought the series would make a great movie here is the dream cast I had created. As always tell me in the comments below who you would cast for the characters and I hope you enjoy! Also I tried to do as many characters from this duology as I could but some proved hard to cast so here are the ones that I have casted, I know some might seem different to what you might have seen them like but this is how I see them on the screen. 😀

The Crows:


jake t austin dylan o'brien
Kaz Brekker –  Jake T. Austin or Dylan O’Brien

 naomi scott 
Inej Ghafa – Anna Kendrick or Naomi Scott or Kelsey Chow

michael b. jordan
Jesper Fahey – Michael B. Jordan

phoebe tonkin
Nina Zenik – Phoebe Tonkin

Matthias Helvar – Christopher Mason

Wylan Van Eck –  Josh Hutcherson or Austin Butler

Other characters:

robert de niro aiden gillen
Pekka Rollins – Robert De Niro or Aiden Gillen

Bradley Cooper
Jarl Brum (Druskelle Commander) – Bradley Cooper

Heleen Van Houden- Carice van Houten

Jan Van Eck – Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio

Alys Van Eck – Halston Sage

Jordie Rietveld (Kaz’s older brother) – Gregg Sulkin

Kuwei Yul-Bo – Ezra Miller

Bo Yul-Bayur – Daniel Dae Kim

Per Haskell – Al Pacino

Damian Lewis Kevin McKidd.jpg
Colm Fahey – Damian Lewis or Kevin McKidd
{Changed from Idris Elba as I made assumptions…}

Cornelis Smeet – Sean Bean

Hanna Smeet – Madeleine McGraw

Marya Hendriks – Julianne Moore

Nikolai (2)
Sturmhond – Lucas Till

Zoya Zoya (2)
Zoya Nazyalensky – Jessica De Gouw or Elizabeth Gillies

Genya Genya (2)
Genya Safin – Bella Thorne or Holland Roden

Hope you enjoyed this dream cast! I had so much fun putting it together and tell me in the comments what you think – do you agree?


11 thoughts on “Six of Crows Dream Cast

  1. hey dont mind me, but don’t white wash inej and kuwei? inej is a (very) dark skinned indian girl, and kuwei is northeast asian? nina is also described as chubby. plus, ezra miller,,, is not a very good actor.


    1. Aww sorry, I just don’t know that many actresses and actors but you are more than welcome to share some recommendations for these characters. The actress for Nina could easily gain some weight for the role, just like the actress for Bridgit Jones.


    1. Wow that trail though sold me on him being Kaz Brekker for sure. Loved it! Thank you for sharing it with me 🙂
      Shiva Negar would be great for Inej, I really struggled with casting Inej as I don’t know too many actresses that could portray her so thank you for sharing. ❤


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