Dream Cast

The Queen of the Tearling Dream Cast

I love sharing my dream casts with you guys and you seem to love them too so here is one for The Queen of the Tearling trilogy which is one of my favourite trilogies of all time, you probably already know that as I have reviewed all the books on my blog. I tried to dream cast all the characters but unfortunately I forgot to keep a track of all the new characters that were introduced in the last instalment so I believe I forgot some, oops! So I hope you enjoys and lets just get into it:

Arlen Thorne
– Gerard Butler

Image result for Mark Ruffalo
Barty Glynn
– Mark Ruffalo

Image result for Ashley Judd
Image result for ali larter
Carlin Glynn
– Ashley Judd or Ali Larter

Image result for Jeffrey Dean Morgan
– Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Image result for rupert grint beard
Image result for seth green
– Rupert Grint or Seth Green

Image result for Kevin Durand
– Kevin Durand

Image result for Dina Meyer
Elyssa Raleigh
– Dina Meyer

Image result for emma watson
Kelsea Glynn
– Emma Watson

Image result for Keanu Reeves
– Keanu Reeves

Image result for Lena Headey
Lily Mayhew
– Lena Headey

Image result for Brad Pitt
– Brad Pitt

Image result for Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Pen Alcott
– Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Image result for Jake Gyllenhaal
The Fetch
– Jake Gyllenhaal

Image result for Lara Flynn Boyle
Image result for angelina jolie
The Red Queen
– Lara Flynn Boyle or Angelina Jolie

Image result for Clive Owen
Thomas Raleigh
– Clive Owen

Image result for Candice Patton
– Candice Patton

Image result for Kit Harington
Image result for Rhys Matthew Bond
– Kit Harington or Rhys Matthew Bond

Image result for dylan o'brien
Jonathan Tear 
– Dylan O’Brien

Image result for daniel craig
William Tear 
– Daniel Craig

Hope you guys enjoyed and I will be (hopefully) posting more on here, but if you do want to hear or see more of me just check out my YouTube channel which is just Bookish Vegan. Do you guys think I should change my blog’s name to that username too and my bookstagram?


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