Semester One Experience of University

I know I usually just stick to bookish posts but I really wanted to share with you guys how semester one of my first year of university went. These types of blog posts and videos are my favourite to read/watch as everyone has a completely different experience, plus it will be fun rereading all of my experience posts after I am done with my first year and even after I graduate. I know, I’m looking way into the future but a girl can dream…

I had no idea how I wanted to structure this blog post so I decided to first talk about my course, modules and why I decided to study the subject I am studying, which is Law if you didn’t know, then I will tell you what I learned (the good and the bad) and a little bit about my actual University experience. So grab yourself a snack and a hot drink and let us dive on into my semester one experience of University.

My Course:
As I have mentioned before I decided to study Law at University as it was a subject that I saw myself studying as I was growing up. I did think about studying some type of English or Journalism degree however after doing some intensive research I just figured that it would not be for me, I have already studied English at A-Levels and even though I loved it I had a feeling that Law would be more appropriate to study at University. Law is a very factual and intense course but so far I am really enjoying it, sometimes I do wish there was a more creative side to it as I do consider myself a ‘creative’ person and it can get a little bit daunting always reading cases (some are interesting but others can put you to sleep) or your ginormous textbooks.

In my first semester, I didn’t have the choice to select any modules as we already had chosen modules for us, these were – English Legal System, Constitutional and Administrative Law, and Law Study. The first two were very interesting as we got to learn the basics of Law and how it all works, I think my favourite was English Legal System as a large aspect of this module was very historical and the cases were very interesting (meaning easier to remember for my exams). Law study was a module that helped the students studying Law find out how to research academic material, cases, statutes etc – this was only coursework based which I thought I would have enjoyed the most but I actually didn’t, it was probably because I was all new to Law and I had never studied it before so it was hard adjusting to the essay structure, referencing and everything else. The other two modules were exam based, which scared me a lot as they were both three-hour exams and I thought I would have to remember every little detail we learned throughout the course. This was not the case though as our lecturers hinted at what topics would come up on the exam, this was very helpful and I am so thankful for that as I don’t think I would have survived the stress and worry if I hadn’t known what topics to focus on.

At times I do question my choice of choosing to study Law as it is a course you have to dedicate a lot of time, energy and dedication to but I feel like at the end of my three years it will be very rewarding having a Law degree. If you are wondering what I am thinking of doing after my degree, I will definitely be working in the Law field – at the current moment, I have three options: either become a conveyancing solicitor, work in family law (I’m thinking divorce attorney), or animal rights legal representative. I know they are all very different from each other but these are the areas that interest me the most. I definitely do not see myself working in commercial Law as I already find it quite daunting and I haven’t even started Contract Law (one of my modules in semester two of this year).

I definitely chose to study Law because I have always been interested in helping others, I know that is kind of cheesy to say as a Law student but it is true! When I was younger I always changed my career paths but when you actually look at the career paths I chose they always included helping in some kind of way – vets help animals, journalism allows others to know what is happening in the world (which is kind of like helping keep people informed), nutritionists help people with their diet and health, and lawyers help serve justice. Also, around the age of 14 I became kind of obsessed with watching crime shows based on real-life events, these include Snapped: Killer Couples, Fatal Attractions, Evil Twins, Happily Never After etc. I have also gotten into crime and thriller novels, even though I know they are usually over-exaggerated but I am going to try to get into reading more non-fiction books around Law. You are probably all thinking that I should go into criminal Law if I love this topic so much but I don’t really see myself as a defense lawyer, I just don’t think I would be happy doing that in the future.

My Situation:
Before I get into my actual experience of University, I thought I would share with you my situation as that will provide you with some context. At first, I thought about moving away for University but ultimately I decided to stay at home as I thought it would be easier for me as I would have less to worry about, my parents supported my decision of either staying at home or moving out, less financial stress, a smaller loan to pay off, majority of my friends stayed at home, and it would be easier for me to travel and save up money.

So yes, my University experience is of a student living at home, so now let us dive into the things I learned in my first semester of University (the good and the bad).

The Good:

  • I feel like I am finding myself as a person as I have a lot of free time to ponder at my life choices. Already only three/four months in and I have seen myself grow a lot, I am becoming better at sticking to a schedule, going out of my comfort zone to socialize with people I never talked to before. I do also spend a majority of my time alone which I dedicate to self-growth and researching different paths I can take later on in life.
  • The organisation maniac in me is absolutely loving University as I have this burst of self-motivation to stay on top of all my work and somehow also balance my hobbies, health and social life.
  • In University there is such a diverse range of people, most of the time I have no idea how old anyone is until they tell me and it really surprises me when they are older than me as I am so used to everyone being around my age. It’s just surprising that I feel like I have more in common with older people than I do with people of my age.
  • Everyone minds their own business. To actually get to know other people on your course or in University you actually have to socialize with them, if you miss a lecture or a seminar/workshop no one asks you why which I find to be amazing as I don’t feel the need to justify my actions etc.
  • The older you get, the quicker the time flies by! I still cannot believe how quickly the first semester passed. I did have times where I felt like the time dragged but throughout these couple of months, the time just slipped through my fingers which I don’t actually know if it’s a good thing or bad thing. I think I am just going to stick with it being a good thing.
  • I have also learned who my real friends are. My dad told me that majority of the people I was friends with in secondary school and sixth form I would lose contact with within the first couple of months in University and he was right. However, I do know now that my closest friends are my real friends as we have chatted a lot and even met up a couple of times since starting this new chapter in our lives.

The Bad:

  • Even though my workload is quite heavy. I did find myself with a lot of free time on my hands that I had no idea what to do with – I don’t have a part-time job or anyone to hang out with that I met at University yet so I did feel like I was quite unproductive in those moments. Hopefully, I will have a more packed schedule in semester two so I don’t have any time to get bored and have too much time to think and cause unnecessary anxiety for myself.
  • Being an introvert that likes to socialize is quite difficult for me to cope with as I miss that aspect of normal schooling the most. I haven’t gone to any parties or clubs as I feel like it won’t be my cup of tea – I did join two societies but I haven’t attended any meeting for them as I am scared to attend them by myself. Also, I haven’t really gone out of my way to socialize with others as I find it socially awkward to introduce myself and I hate small talk so much – right now I feel like an outcast but again I am hoping to change that in this upcoming semester.
  • The workload can get overbearing at times, at first it was manageable keeping on top of everything, however, I kind of fell of my schedule in late November/December time and I found it incredibly hard to get back on top of my University work.
  • Finding friends is very hard, I especially feel like it might be due to the fact that I stayed at home as you really have to go out of your way to make friends. Before starting University, I really thought I would have many friends in the first couple of weeks of University as in the past I never had any problems with making friends. This was so not the case though.
  • You have to do a majority of the work yourself – reading, extra research etc. Normal schooling really does not prepare you for University work which is definitely a huge step up from Sixth form, no more teachers spoon feeding you – you really need self-discipline and to have an actual interest in the subject you chose to study at University to have the motivation to do it all.

Overall, I have learned a lot about myself and how life really is outside of school whilst being in my first semester of university. If I could go back in time I would definitely not miss out on those last two seminars of Law study as essentially those are the only seminars that I missed last semester. I attended all of my lectures and other seminars which I am incredibly proud of. Well, I guess we have finally come to the end of my University experience blog post. If you want to hear more about my thoughts on this topic you can definitely check out my video that I posted on my channel.

If you are in University and would like to share your experience, please do as I would love to see how you guys found your first semester, year or your whole experience of University. Also, share with me what subject you decided to choose or have chosen to study at University!

Check out my video below!

See you in my next post 🙂



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