Movie Review: The Greatest Showman


Spectacular, beautiful and wonderful! One of the best musicals and movies I have seen in a while. From the first number that was on which was basically right at the beginning, I was in tears! The songs really hit me and I had tears in my eyes, the singing voices were beautiful and made me experience chills which I love.

I only saw this movie on Wednesday with one of my friends from University and I already want to go see it at the cinema again. I have been listening to the soundtrack non-stop and later in this post I will do mini-reviews of each the songs. Warning – I love them all! 🙂

The Greatest Showman is a spectacular musical about P.T. Barnum who builds this circus/show showcasing people who are considered to be ‘freaks’ or as I like to say wonderfully weird and unique, in the Victorian era. All these people have wonderful talents that add something to the show and let me say, Hugh Jackman really is the star of the show as I never knew he had such a wonderful voice!
I loved Zac Efron and everyone else, including Zendaya – I definitely loved their story in this great movie. It showed how you shouldn’t be afraid to be different and that you should embrace your uniqueness and showcase it to the world. Some people will hate you for it but others will find you fascinating. I found myself smiling throughout the whole movie as it really did make me happy and brought joy to my life – it’s very inspirational as it definitely has made me more excited to continue on my journey of going through all my ‘projects’ in life even if they are a little bit different than what the normal person does.

All the dancing, the visuals, and the costumes were beautiful and I really could not tear my eyes away from the screen. I was intoxicated with The Greatest Show and I loved it.

How many times can I say ‘loved it’ in this movie review? I did notice that P.T. Barnum exploited these wonderful people for their talents but this was touched upon and even from something that can be considered ‘bad’ there are positives such as he provided them with a purpose in life and a family who accepted them for who they are. I LOVED IT!

Okay, now moving onto the songs. I have never actually heard a motion picture soundtrack that I absolutely love every song on – usually I find songs that I listen to more than others but here I listen to pretty much all of them, some I do listen more than others but that is just natural.

  1. The Greatest Show – ahh the opening number is amazing, it has this amazing beat to it and I love it when Hugh Jackman sings by himself, it adds some mystery and suspense and then everyone joins in and it makes me want to dance. Absolutely love it!
  2. A Million Dreams – aww just the cutest, that boy that sings at the beginning of this song before Hugh Jackman takes over has such an adorable voice. 
  3. A Million Dreams (Reprise) – his daughters have the cutest voices ever!
  4. Come Alive – another favourite of mine that makes me want to come alive, I just love how suspenseful these songs are at the beginning and then they progress to this proper show tune! It’s amazing!
  5. The Other Side – I love this! I listen to it constantly, I am a sucker for Zac Efron, it just shows that even if you are the talk of the town and one of the ‘clowns’ as long as you are happy that is all that counts.
  6. Never Enough – the lady that sings this song has such a powerful voice, I remember when she first started singing I got chills which doesn’t happen too often, only when someone has a very special voice so of course, I love this song a lot. 
  7. This Is Me – I love it! The bearded lady sings this one and she has another powerful voice and she can sing such high notes, damn I am so impressed! You can also really hear the emotions she feels when she sings it! I love it ❤
  8. Rewrite The Stars – okay this one is another favourite of mine, I loved the whole choreography in the movie for this song, the rope and the ‘flying’, I have no idea what to call it… It was beautiful and I love Zendaya so of course with Zac Efron I knew this was a guaranteed favourite. 
  9. Tightrope – I was very emotional when I first listened to this song as during the movie this is when the saddest moment occurs (for me anyway) and P.T.’s wife is alone, I literally broke down when the two shadows were dancing in the windows and curtains and the male partner disappears… Michelle Williams has such a poetically beautiful voice – I could listen to it all day. 
  10. Never Enough (Reprise) – ahh the emotion, it just breaks me…
  11. From Now On – I love this one as this is when P.T. realises family is much more important than fame and meeting all these ‘important’ people, home is better and again I loved the dancing and how much life there is at the end of the song, it really changes the sad atmosphere to a more positive and happy one. 

Have you seen The Greatest Showman? If so, what did you think of it?

I personally loved it and I am definitely going to be going to see it in the future.

Hope you all enjoyed this movie review ❤

See you in my next post 🙂



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