Review: Craft by Gabriela Herstik

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Release Date: 15th March 2018

Genre: Spirituality & Non-Fiction

Read:  April 2018

Rating: ★★★★

Brief Description:
Infuse a drop of magick into your everyday life.
Writer, fashion alchemist and modern witch, Gabriela Herstik, unlocks the ancient art of witchcraft so that you can find a brand of magick that works for you.
From working with crystals, tarot and astrology, to understanding sex magick, solstices and full moons; learn how to harness energy, unleash your inner psychic and connect with the natural world.
Full of spells and rituals for self-care, new opportunities and keeping away toxic energy, Craft is the essential lifestyle guide for the modern woman who wants to take control and reconnect with herself.
After all, empowered women run the world (and they’re probably witches).

I really enjoyed reading this book as it was practical and everything that Gabriela discussed could easily be implemented into your life and daily practice. It was easy to understand, I loved how everything is divided into sections which will make it easier to reference back to as I know I will definitely be referencing back to this book.

With non-fiction reads, I have noticed I love it when authors use tables and diagrams etc as sometimes the information that they are providing the reader with is easily transferred through those types of methods than just making a bullet point list.
My favourite section was definitely the tarot section as I definitely learned a lot, for instance, the author talked about what each card symbolizes/stands for and the different forms of tarot reading. Before reading this book, I had no idea that there were different layouts you could use so yes, I definitely picked up some new information!

My least favourite part was probably the fashion aspect as I don’t really consider myself being the most interested in fashion, I like to keep it simple so I ended up skim reading that portion (a very small portion) of the book.

Overall, a great and informational read that would be perfect for anyone who is finding themselves wanting to learn more about this subject or just has a keen interest in the different lifestyles there are in the world.

See you in my next post 🙂


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