Review: The Green Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

Release Date: 19th September 2017

Genre: Witchcraft & Non-Fiction

Read: May 2018

Rating: ★★★★★

Brief description:
Discover the power of natural magic and healing through herbs, flowers, and essential oils in this new guide to green witchcraft.

At her core, the green witch is a naturalist, an herbalist, a wise woman, and a healer. She embraces the power of nature; she draws energy from the Earth and the Universe; she relies on natural objects like stones and gems to commune with the land she lives off of; she uses plants, flowers, oils, and herbs for healing; she calls on nature for guidance; and she respects every living being no matter how small.

In The Green Witch, you will learn the way of the green witch, from how to use herbs, plants, and flowers to make potions and oils for everyday healing as well as how crystals, gems, stones, and even twigs can help you find balance within. You’ll discover how to find harmony in Earth’s great elements and connect your soul to every living creature. This guide also contains directions for herbal blends and potions, ritual suggestions, recipes for sacred foods, and information on how to listen to and commune with nature. Embrace the world of the green witch and discover what the power of nature has in store for you. 

I loved this book, it was short, sweet and to the point and even though it was short it was packed full of information perfect for a newbie or someone who knows little to nothing about the Green Witch path. You will definitely need to do some more research if you want more depth and detail but as an introduction to basics – it was mighty fine and I definitely recommend it.

First of all, I now know what the Green Witch path actually entails and it is completely different to Wicca as Wicca is kind of a structured religion whereas a Witch path is more about the practice, incorporating this path into your everyday life and there are no rules to it. So basically there is no set way in the Green Witch path but this kindly gives you some ideas of what to do and how the Green Witch impacts your life, which is why I enjoyed this book.

It has everything it promised it would deliver, sections on herbs, essential oils, flowers, trees. There is even a section with recipes to try and love. Really, there is something in here for everyone so if you are interested in reading this then definitely pick this book up. Hopefully, you will not be disappointed.

See you in my next post 🙂


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