DNFing My First Book Ever

So I never thought I would say this but I have decided to DNF my first book ever, no I don’t mean of this year but of ever!

Until now I had never DNFd a book as even if I didn’t like the book I would power through till the end and maybe skim read the last 50 pages but with this read I have just given up. I feel like the story is just not worth my time as nothing is happening that makes me want to read the book or even pick it up. It’s so sad as I really enjoyed or  should I say even loved the first book in this duology but if I’m completely honest I did have this hunch of not picking up the sequel as I didn’t really enjoy the way the first book ended and I had no interest in picking up the second story as the description did not intrigue me. So I guess I have now left you all wondering what book this is and I might as well tell you, it is Shadowsong by S. Jae Jones.
I kind of feel disappointed with myself but at the same time, I don’t want to waste my precious reading time on a story that I am not enjoying. My TBR has grown immensely since February this year so I have so many other interesting stories I want to get to. It is sad as I really wanted to review the book – I even had a draft created on my blog but I will never get to write that review, oh well.

How do you feel about DNFing books? Do you do it often or have you never done it?
I really want to know how you guys feel about this topic as I don’t hear many people talking about this, I might do a discussion video on my channel so definitely tell me some topics I should talk about in that video.

See you in my next post 🙂

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Picture I would have included in my review of Shadowsong

10 thoughts on “DNFing My First Book Ever

  1. Girl, I am all about DNF’ing books you don’t enjoy. You’ve nailed the reasoning why too- there’s just so many other books out there! I think reading a book you don’t enjoy is actually kind of stressful, and I’ve already got enough stress in my life, haha. Why put yourself through something that? Glad you decided to join the dark side, haha! 😉

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    1. I’m glad to have joined the dark side, hehe at least now I won’t be wasting more time on books I have no interest in and it is stressful reading a book you are not enjoying. Not all books are written in a way to please every reader so oh well. Now I have moved on to a reread and I love it 🙂

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  2. I’m all up for DNFing books, there’s no point wasting time on something you don’t enjoy! It’s an optional thing after all, and nobody can get along with every book they pick up.

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  3. I don’t like DNFing books purely because there’s always a chance it could get better but sometimes it just has to be done. There’s too many good books out there that need to be read and there’s simply not enough time on this planet to be spending that time on a book you’re not enjoying!

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