As you can tell from the title of this post, I have been blogging for 3 years! Isn’t that crazy? It really feels like I only started yesterday but I do not regret starting at all. It is so much fun sharing all the bookish content on here and I don’t think I will ever stop. I love writing and sharing my thoughts with you through writing so it is definitely one of my favourite hobbies to write book reviews for you here.

I had no idea how to celebrate this anniversary but as for my 1 year on BookTube anniversary I did a Q&A, I thought why not do it for my blog anniversary as well.

So here are all the questions you lovely people asked and as I love you all and am very thankful you took the time out of your lives to send me questions, as a thank you I will link all your lovely internet profiles in this blog post. Definitely check these lovely people out (if you’re not one of them) and let’s just get on with the post.

Questions from: jasperandspice 

1. What is the main reason you started blogging?
Before I started blogging one of my friends who also loves reading told me that I should start a bookstagram account as I was already posting a ton of bookish photos on my personal instagram account so I did and I absolutely loved it, however I found that it was hard to share all my feelings I had on the books I was reading so I decided to start my blog, it was first called ReadingWithNatalia, then HuffleStark and now BoookishVegan (BookishVegan was taken so I had to stick with three o’s). I had also just finished GCSE’s or Secondary school and I had around two/three months of Summer holidays so it was a new hobby that would keep me occupied and prevent boredom. I still remember the exact day I started it! 😀
2. Have you achieved any personal blogging goals?
I actually haven’t had any personal blogging goals until this year, I saw it as a hobby that I was doing because I love to review books and I never even thought to set goals but for this year I had decided to challenge myself and write book reviews for every book I have read and reread this year, which a lot of fun. So I think I could count that as a personal blogging goal.


Questions from: @sqawkward from Instagram

Are you happy with your decision to study law? If so, what area of law are you most interested in. If not, what do you think you would like to study? Future career goals.
I think I am happy with my decision to study Law, but when the workload gets heavy and I am sick of it all I do wonder what it would have been like to study English Literature and Journalism as that was one of the other courses I was super interested in but I am happy with my Law degree and super excited to start Year Two in the Autumn time. I think the area of Law that I am the most interested in is Property and Land Law as I would love to be a Conveyancing Solicitor but as I haven’t studied any of those areas yet I have no idea if they are for me. One area of Law I have studied though that I really enjoyed is Constitutional and Administrative Law so maybe if my first option doesn’t work out then I could go into Public Law and I could help people that way.

Do you speak Polish with your family at home?
Yes I do 😀


Questions from: kristinazillieva

1. Do you prefer blogging or Booktube?
A very hard question as I do different things on both platforms, blogging is for writing reviews which I really enjoy, and Booktube is for mostly all the other bookish content like reading vlogs, tags, wrap ups etc. But I think I will have to go for BookTube as I feel more connected with my audience there as it is easier to communicate with everyone through videos and people are more likely to comment which strikes conversations I love having.
2. Is there a genre you don’t read a lot of?
I think I have basically read all the genres out there but two that I tend to stay away from are Historical Fiction and Horror, they are just not as interesting or exciting as all the other genres I love to read. 
3. What is your dream job?
I feel like at the moment and it has been like this for a couple of years, is a Conveyancing Solicitor as I would love to be part of the Retail Estate enterprise and help people buy homes as I am hoping to buy properties myself and rent them out to people. But I have also always wanted to be either a journalist, editor or publisher.
4. What are some of your childhood favourite books?
I constantly reread Winny the Pooh, the Grimm’s Fairytales and I can’t think of any other books I used to love when I was younger. 


Questions from: Readers’ High Tea

What is your next travelling destination?
To be completely honest it will probably be Poland as I go there quite often. However a new place I would love to go visit is Copenhagen, I have been reading many non-fiction books that mention this wonderful city and they make me want to visit it. I also really want to go back to Berlin as last year I only went for a day and I would love to see more and stay there for longer. 

What book do you always recommend to your friends?
If you mean friends I have in my day-to-day life (not online) then I tend to recommend to them contemporary books as they are the easiest to read (in my opinion) and as I absolutely love To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and they know that then I tend to recommend that book or trilogy. Yes, I do have one friend who reads fantasy and the last two books I recommended to him are Three Dark Crowns and Six of Crows, which I report happily he enjoyed, a lot 😀


Question from: @wolfgirlreads 

How do you balance your time for everything?
As everyone says, it’s not easy, however one main tip I have for you all is DO NOT STRESS. See blogging or all your other hobbies as hobbies! Don’t treat them as a chore as you will not enjoy them. Anyway, I feel like to answer this question correctly and so it gives you some tips, I suggest whenever you are done with your main tasks for the day, so this includes school work, uni work or just work in general, spend some time before either going to bed or before you start your bedtime reading planning out posts or drafting posts so you have some content to post. Also, have a day where you mainly focus on your blog, instagram page or YouTube as that really helps. So for instance if I had to catch up on writing reviews for all the books I finished that week I would spend the Sunday writing up those reviews and scheduling them for the following week. When I was at university (I’m now on my Summer holiday) I would either film videos on Tuesday morning (in first semester I had Tuesdays off and in second semester I had the morning off so it worked fine for me) or if I had a lot of uni work I would film 2-3 videos on Saturday. With my Instagram I just tend to bulk take pictures on one day, with this I didn’t have a day planned as you can’t foretell the weather or if you’re going to be very busy on the day you planned to take all these photos. I still bulk take photos even when I’m not busy as it just saves so much time. So hopefully that helped you guys out and answered your question!
*I completely forgot to include reading, so with reading it really depends on my mood but when I’m in Uni or school I tended to wake up an hour earlier to read or I would read whenever I finished all my work for the day as a reward. I don’t tend to schedule time for reading as I just read whenever the mood strikes, it tends to be after I watch BookTube videos or when I see people excited about reading. Yes, it is contagious 😀


Question from: @lucyandacupfulloftea

Do you know what you want to do for a career? If so, what is it?
So I’ve already answered this but I would love to be a Conveyancing Solicitor and also buy houses and rent them out as a side income. However, I also really want to continue sharing my love for books by having my blog, Bookstagram and BookTube. 


Question from: @dracoscrown

What inspires/motivates you to read?
For sure, 100% watching other people talk about books. I do sometimes get into reading slumps and just watch Netflix or YouTube, however I noticed when I start watching BookTube it really motivates me to read as I want to be like all these BookTubers I watch. People in the book community really inspire me, even just going on Bookstagram or reading all the book blogs I follow inspires me to read. Also, another motivator is reading books I want to read or am interested in. I am a very picky reader (that’s one of the reasons I tend to rate like 80-90% of my reads high) so I feel like that motivates me to read as I am just reading books I am interested in and I feel like I will love.


Hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me and this blog. Thank you to all the people who follow and support me, it really means a lot and is definitely a motivator for me to continue blogging (not that I ever thought of stopping). I love you all and will see you in my next post 😀 ❤


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    1. That’s true, I just wonder how we could make it more interactive… and thank you for sending a questions 🙂


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