Review: Astrology by Yasmin Boland

Release Date: 6th December 2016

Genre: Astrology & Non-Fiction

Read: July 2018

Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads Page – LINK

Brief description:
An insightful introductory guide to the age-old wisdom of astrology and how it can help you to make informed and successful decisions in all areas of your life.
With a free, personalized chart provided online for every reader, this book will help you to understand more than just your Sun sign – you’ll also get to know the other planets in your chart and the role they play. Learn about your all-important Moon sign and Rising sign, your love planet Venus and your sex planet Mars!
·             The many ways that astrology can help you
·             How to read and understand your chart
·             The talents and challenges you were born with 
·             How to use astrology to time important events and decisions in your life
·             How to make predictions for yourself and others
·             How to be a better parent, friend and employee through knowing your close-ones’ charts
…and much more!

Even if you have no interest in astrology I can bet after reading this book you will be immersed in this fascinating topic. I’m going to be honest with you before reading this book all I knew about astrology is my zodiac sign, that is my sun sign, and all I did was read my horoscope sometimes so going into this book I didn’t know much. By the end of it I was amazed at how it all made sense once I pieced it all together and I know there is definitely more to this topic than this book but this is definitely a great start for beginners.

I loved that the author gave us a website to input all of our information and constructed for us out own birth chart which I definitely did. All you need is your date of birth with the exact time you were born and the place of your birth, which thankfully I found easily. Then you get to see which sign rules which planet and when I found out my own I learned so much about myself and it finally all made sense.

I am so happy I have finally picked this book up and if you are interested in astrology then I think you should give this ago too. I am going to be rereading this soon as I want to make notes the second time around and write everything to do with my signs down.

Hope you enjoyed this short review.

See you in my next post 🙂


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