Review: Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch


Release Date: 1st March 2012

Genre: Non-Fiction, Health & Self Help

Read: August 2018

Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads Page – LINK

Brief description:
We’ve all been there-angry with ourselves for overeating, for our lack of willpower, for failing at yet another diet that was supposed to be the last one. But the problem is not you, it’s that dieting, with its emphasis on rules and regulations, has stopped you from listening to your body. 

Written by two prominent nutritionists, Intuitive Eating focuses on nurturing your body rather than starving it, encourages natural weight loss, and helps you find the weight you were meant to be. 

*How to reject diet mentality forever
*How our three Eating Personalities define our eating difficulties
*How to feel your feelings without using food
*How to honor hunger and feel fullness
*How to follow the ten principles of Intuitive Eating, step-by-step
*How to achieve a new and safe relationship with food and, ultimately, your body

With much more compassionate, thoughtful advice on satisfying, healthy living, this newly revised edition also includes a chapter on how the Intuitive Eating philosophy can be a safe and effective model on the path to recovery from an eating disorder.

Please read this book if you have body image issues or struggle with dieting and loving your body! I wish I picked it up sooner as it is just an impactful and important read that has become a favourite read of mine this year.

Now I never thought I would say I am on a ‘diet’ but seeing everything that they mention is technically a ‘diet’ made me see my own eating habits as something I really need to work on. As restricting myself of foods I love and placing a time stamp on times I can eat is a form of restriction and a diet as you are placing rules on your eating. I have learned so much about eating from this book and it isn’t even the longest non-fiction that I have ever read. Of course, picking up this book entails that I deep in my subconsciousness knew I really have to work on my eating as it is definitely a part of my lifestyle that frustrates me and kind of bring up my depression.

I love how becoming an intuitive eater is done in steps and there isn’t a specific time frame to accomplish this goal. Since starting this book I have already started to notice changes in my well being and even though I am eating whatever I want, I don’t see myself doing what I used to do which is one, feel bad about eating foods I thought I shouldn’t, and two, as now I know these foods aren’t “forbidden” I don’t eat as much of them (aka stuff myself to the point of making myself kind of sick) which is a very big step as I have been struggling with this for a couple of years now.

I know I still have a long way to go but ever since reading this book I have not looked at my body (too much) in a negative light and see the things I love about myself. But the most important thing is that I don’t look at food as the enemy and I’ve started walking again which is definitely helping my self-esteem, by walking I mean going on long walks. Also, I loved how this book tackled veganism/vegetarianism, going into this book I thought it would mention it as a restriction which if you look at it properly it kind of is, but even though the section is tiny on this matter it said exactly what I needed to hear it say – if you are doing it for the right reasons (aka ethical) then it is totally fine but if you are using it to lose weight then you will get meat craving (which I never have had).

Please just pick this book up as I really want everyone to read it!
It will hopefully blow your mind and make you see that having the “perfect” body isn’t your life goal and food and exercise should not make you miserable. Listen to your body and fix your relationship with food. I hope you all enjoyed my review!

See you in my next post 🙂


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