Review: Wicca by Harmony Nice


Release Date: 4th October 2018

Genre: Non-Fiction, Wicca & Spirituality

Read: October 2018

Rating: ★★★★★

Goodreads Page – LINK

Brief description:
To me, Wicca will always be about experiencing the earth, working with what you can find and practicing the craft for its true meaning. It promotes equality in all and has brought me many benefits: acceptance, kindness and self-love. 

Harmony Nice is at the heart of a growing community of modern-day Wiccans who practice natural magic to improve their own lives and the world around them. In Wicca she encourages you to explore the positive impact that ritual, meditation and embracing nature can have on your creativity, confidence and sense of self-worth.

Discover how to cast spells, start your own Book of Shadows, join a coven and feel empowered to follow a path that feels good and true to you.

So I haven’t read that many books on Wicca however so far I feel like this one was the perfect book on this topic for me. It literally had everything I wanted to learn about Wicca, well the bare bones but of course now that I know what I want to learn I can undergo independent research. I feel like that is one of the main reasons why I love Pagan religions and Wicca, you can really customise it and focus on whatever interest you. I like being able to pick and choose what aspects fit my lifestyle and beliefs so everything that I have learned from Harmony Nice that I feel like by adding will enhance and enrich my life I will be applying definitely.

If you are uncertain about picking this book up because you do not know what is included, here is what you will find! So it starts off with Harmony’s story and a very short introduction to Wicca. Part 1: What is Wicca includes: the difference between Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism; Divination; Nature; The Three-Fold Law, Morals and the Wiccan Rede; Magick; the different Wiccan Paths; the Book of Shadows; and the Deities which was definitely one of my favourite sections as it included Norse and Slavic and if you have tried researching Slavic deities you will find that it is quite hard to find them (well I struggled anyway). So yes, why I loved the Deities section so much is that I finally feel like my soul and higher self finally connected to a certain type of deities which if you haven’t guessed which ones, it is definitely Norse. I have always been fascinated by the Norse Gods and Goddesses and I always felt a connection to the Vikings and Scandinavian culture, but I am also going to be learning more about the Slavic deities as you know I am Slavic.


Then Part 2: Why Explore Wicca, now I feel like this part was something quite different to what I saw in other Wicca based books as it explains how Wicca impacts Mental Health (in a positive way), Meditation, Self-Care, Creativity, and Kindness.

Part 3: How To Get Started, includes: the Wiccan Holidays and the Wheel of the Year; Altars and Magic Tools; Spellwork; Colours; Crystals; Herbs and Plants; The Witches’ Alphabet; Astrology; Small Changes; When Others Don’t Accept Your Faith; Wicca on the Sly; City Wiccans; Small Spaces; Finding a Coven. In this part, my favourite sections were the Wiccan Holidays as I feel like again Harmony really made it detailed as she talked about the ways you can celebrate it, why Wiccans celebrate it, crystal, herbs and other things that correlate with that Sabbat. What else can I say, it was just so good and great to reference back when the Sabbat is near. The astrology part was also really good, but then again I might be biased as I am completely obsessed with astrology!


At the end, she also provides some great resources for when the reader is done reading her book to access as it includes: books to read, online blogs, YouTubers, Instagrammers, shops, events in the UK. It was everything I wanted and more so I really have nothing to complain about.

I feel like this book made me realise that I am that person that is into more of the spiritual side of Wicca so I’m guessing I could never be considered a Witch as the Magick part does not really interest me as of yet but the astrology, crystal, tarot, Sabbats, and worshipping deities part interests me immensely and I really learned a lot from this book.

This is why I think this book is a perfect guide to Witchcraft and Magick, but at the same time very educative in the Wicca aspects as well.
I also got the chance to meet Harmony Nice at her book signing in Birmingham and let me say you will definitely want to support this girl in anything she does as she is such a kind and positive soul, literally hearing her voice in her videos places one of the biggest smiles on my face and just getting the chance to talking to her made me see I am in desperate need of being surrounded by people like her. I feel like I could have talked to her for the whole day, she literally hugged everyone twice during the time we got to meet her and she chatted with everyone for as long as they wanted. Definitely recommend this book, her videos and her instagram as she really does put her heart and soul into everything she does, you will not be disappointed.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

See you in my next post 🙂



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