This amazing readathon/readalong is happening through the month of April so yes it has already started and I had decided to join on the 2nd of April. I have made a video version to this blog post on my YouTube channel [you can find it at the end of this post] where I said I only planned for 9 of the topics. However, as you will see in this post I have decided to plan for each of the revision topics available. I don’t expect to read all these books this month as I will also be doing loads of revision for my May exams, but still it’s better to be overprepared than underprepared.

Here are some links that you might find useful if you have no idea what this readathon is, but essentially it is a Harry Potter readalong that is inspired by O.W.L’s examinations that Hogwarts students take in their fifth year. It makes you feel like you are a Hogwarts student, which is one of the main reasons why I decided to participate this year.
Thank you to Book Roast for creating this readalong and making a stressful month feel magical.


Ancient Runes {Retelling} – To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

Arithmancy {Work written by more than one author} – No Weddings by Kat Bastion & Stone Bastion

Astronomy {“Star” in the title} – No Ordinary Star by M.C. Frank

Care of Magical Creatures {Land animal on the cover} – Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake

Charms {Age-line: read an adult work} – Wildcat by Max Monroe

Defence Against the Dark Arts {Reducto: title starts with an “R”} – A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir, I’ve heard many people calling it Reaper at the Gates and I had only recently noticed the A.

Divination {Set in the future} – Scythe by Neil Shusterman

Herbology {Plant on the cover} – The House Witch by Arin Murphy-Hiscock

History of Magic {Published at least 10 years ago} – The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski, the Polish edition was published in 1999 I believe.

Muggle Studies {Contemporary} – Craft by Adriana Locke

Potions {Next ingredient: sequel} – Song of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury

Transfiguration {Sprayed edges or red cover} – Conversation With God Book 2 by Neale Donald Walsch

Are you participating in this readalong?
If so, what are you planning on reading?

See you in my next post 🙂
Natalia aka Bookish Vegan


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