N.E.W.T.S TBR 2019 | Herbology Hogwarts Professor

I can’t believe the N.E.W.T.S are nearly here! The Magical Readathon hosted by Book Roast is one of my favourite readathons since I’ve sone the O.W.L.S Readathon back in April for the first time ever. I just find it is so creative and I love that we get to really feel like we are at Hogwarts and can choose a magical career path for our future.
In my April Wrap Up on my YouTube channel I asked you guys to help me choose a career and you decided that I should follow a Herbology Hogwarts Professor career so I’m really happy about that as I feel like it is the perfect career for me.
For this career, I have to complete at least 4 subjects but 7 prompts so basically I have to read 7 books which is great as I feel like it is doable for me.

So I thought I would share all the books I decided to choose and I’m focusing mainly on tackling my physical TBR so that is why I chose all these books and I also feel like a majority of them are fantasy as that is what is dominant in my TBR pile.

Let’s just get on into the subjects I’m going to take for the N.E.W.T.S and what books I chose for each prompt:


In Charms all I have to get is an acceptable as this is one of my secondary subjects for my profession. The prompt is to read a book that has a gorgeous cover and even though I had a wide variety to chose from I decided to go for King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo as this has been sitting on my TBR for around 7 months and I just am dying to read it.


This is a required exam for Hogwarts Professors in which you have to get an exceeded expectations so I have to read two books. For an acceptable the prompt is to read a book that’s black under the dust jacket, I didn’t actually have a lot to chose from but I went for Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. For exceeded expectations the prompt is Gilderoy’s memory charm, read the first book that pops into your mind, for me that is always Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moira Fowley-Doyle as I still can’t believe I haven’t read it.


Herbology is, of course, my chosen subject I want to teach so I have to get an outstanding in my exam so read 3 books. For acceptable, I have to listen to an audiobook so I decided to go for Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson as it is on Scribd and I have been wanting to read this book for the past year. For exceeded expectations, I have to read a book between 350-390 pages and the only book that fit this prompt is Conversations with God Book 3 by Neale Donald Walsch so I can’t wait to get to that. Lastly, for an outstanding, I have to read a book with a flower on the cover and suprisingly I didn’t have a lot to chose from but Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson had small details of roses so I’m going to read this one.


This is another secondary subject I have chosen to take an exam in and I have to get an acceptable, so I have to read a fantasy book. As my TBR is full of fantasy books I decided to keep this prompt open so I can read whatever I’m in the mood for but to have a book chosen I decided to choose, for now, The Darkest Bloom by P.M. Freestone, which I feel like I can read really quickly as it is a short book.

So that is it for my N.E.W.T.S TBR, if I finish all these books and maybe if the other books on my TBR fit any of the other prompts fit I might try to pass more exams or get better grades on the exams I have already chosen but I decided not to put too much pressure on myself.

Definitely share down below which career you chose, how many books you have to read and what books you decided to read as I would love to know. I’m going to wish you good luck if you are participating, I’m sure you all will do amazing!

See you in my next post 🙂
Natalia aka Bookish Vegan

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