Reading Manga for the First Time | My Experience

I didn’t know what to post about this week and as the video that is going up today is a reading vlog of me reading manga for the first time I thought let’s do a blog post on it too!

So I have wanted to read manga for the past two years (or maybe even longer) but I just never picked it up. Why? I have no idea as finally reading two great mangas has me leaving confused as mangas are great and I should have picked them up years ago. But anyway, I feel like the main reason why I didn’t read manga sooner is because I was intimated, I thought I might read it wrong (you read it back to front) or that I wouldn’t understand the story as it is mostly picture and a little bit of text. But let me tell you, it’s as easy to read manga as it is to read books, plus its so much fun!


I always knew that the first manga I would ever read would be Orange by Ichigo Takano as it just sounded like something I would love, it’s a romantic science fiction following Naho who on her first day of 11th grade receives a letter from her future self warning her to watch over a new classmate that is joining as she can save him from a terrible future. This manga is just so adorable, I loved the friendship group so much and Suwa was such a sweetheart, I love him so much (he is one of Naho’s friends). I definitely teared up a couple of times but it is still such a cute story. I highly recommend it as a first manga read as the story is just so easy to follow. I have only read the first complete volume but I’m currently waiting for the second volume to arrive so I can jump straight into that.




The second manga I picked up is Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata which again I knew I would want it to be one of the first mangas I read as the story really intrigued me. It basically follows an ace student named Light Yagami who has everything going for him but he is bored. Until one day he finds a death notebook that one of the Shinigami death gods has dropped. He vows to only use it to rid the world of evil and it basically tackles morality and it also shows that creating a utopia can be quite difficult as many people might not agree with you about how you want to come about in creating it. This one definitely kept me at the edge of my seat as every turn of the page just revealed something new, I really did not know what to expect next. I really liked it and would highly recommend it as this one actually reminds you on some pages which way to turn next which is always really good for someone who is just getting into manga.


I’m really happy with both of the mangas I chose to read as my first mangas as they were just perfect stories to digest as a beginner.

Do you read manga? And if so, what was the first manga you ever read? Also, if you have read both Orange and Death Note what are your thoughts on them? I’m very curious to see 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed this post and definitely check out the vlog that accompanies it if you want to see more.

See you in my next post 🙂
Natalia aka Bookish Vegan

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